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Egyptian Pharaohs Predictions, Firon Ki Lash Ka Anjaam

Egyptian Pharaohs Predictions, Firon Ki Lash Ka Anjaam

Pharaoh was very cautious about the predictions of fortune tellers and he tested the baby according to their wishes on several times. When Allah had saved Musa (A.S) from his evil designs, He owed him Prophet Hood. By the orders of Almighty, Prophet Musa (A.S) started off his duties of preaching the mass.

Egyptian Pharaohs Predictions, Firon Ki Lash Ka Anjaam

Pharaoh is well known ancient king of Egypt who disobeyed the Lord of all lords Almighty Allah during the time of Prophet Musa (A.S). He was the unlucky Egyptian King who declared to be god and asked his nation to worship in place of Almighty. He was very tyrant cruel to his nation and used every tactic to prolong his rule over the people of Egypt.

The ancient Egypt was an illiterate territory and people were unaware of the then arts. They were kept in complete darkness by large force of same king who believed that awareness among the people can harm his power. People used to come to his palace and bow before him to seek his affection.

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He had also a large employs of magicians who helped him to deceive innocent people. When he crossed all limits of ruthlessness, Allah sent His Prophet Musa (A.S) to show the people the path of virtue. It was a miracle the way Allah had save His beloved Prophet Musa (A.S) from being executed at the hands of Pharaoh and its army.

During the peak of his regime Pharaoh was warned by his fortune tellers that a baby will turn his throne into ashes and he won’t be able to stop him at all. Hearing this, notorious Egyptian king ordered his army to execute all the baby boy infants with immediate effects. The army took the orders and started off their inhuman duties.

His army was so fast in obeying his orders and deprived thousands of mothers from their babies. The process went on for several years and cruel act continued in the same manner. However, the baby survived and crushed the empire of ruler of Egypt who was drowned into ocean with army.

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