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Eerie noises scares child Paranormal Activity

Eerie noises scares child Paranormal Activity

انسان ایسے نماز نہیں پڑھ سکتا مگر اگر یہ جن تھا تو ایسا کیوں کیا، ویڈیو دیکھیں

Odd things are happening that you can’t explain: eerie noises, lurking shadows, moving objects. It may be a sign of strange phenomena. Here are six signs that you are experiencing paranormal activity.

Eerie noises scares child Paranormal Activity

Strange Noises:

If you are hearing strange noises without a source of where the sounds originate, this could be an indicator of paranormal activity.

Continuous raps or knocks on the door, footsteps, doors opening and closing (even when you are the only one home) – these noises would constitute as eerie.

Odd Animal Behavior

Pets usually exhibit strange behavior at or near a haunted location or in the midst of a spirit. Dogs may bark excessively at something that we, humans, cannot see or sense at the time. Pets will most likely move away from the area where paranormal activity is occurring.

Temperature Change

If certain areas in your house suddenly spike or drop in temperature, it may not be a broken air conditioner/heater.

Cold and hot spots are significant indicators of paranormal activity. It has been said that spirits tend to zap energy from their location, in order to manifest.

Cries and Wailing

Cries and wailing, faint or loud, could be signs of strange phenomena. If you hear your name being whispered or a low grumbling, and no one is playing a joke, something is amiss.

Physical Sensations

When you feel or sense a strange occurrence happening, stay alert. You may feel something brush up against you or quickly touch your skin. You could possibly wake up with small scratches, marks, or bruises that weren’t there before. Although rare, it can be quite disturbing.

Actual Sighting

If an actual apparition appears, it’s a definitive sign of paranormal phenomena. Spirits, or ghosts, can arrive in various forms and may be limited to a specific space.

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