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Eating broiler chicken Watch it First

Eating broiler chicken Watch it First
میری توبہ جو آج کے بعد برائلر چکن کھایا دیکھیں مشہور برانڈ میں مرغیوں کیساتھ کیا کیا جاتا لیک ویڈیو …کیا ہم حلال کھارہے ہیں؟؟؟ شیئر کریں یہ ویڈیو اور اپنے پیاروں کو بچائیں

Majority of Muslims are found doing corruption in order to earn easy money, there are many people who look for easy gain of everything, some Muslims are Methodist Muslims as they are found saying that we must offer five times prayer and should not miss any prayer but human rights violation is observed by such Muslim.

Human rights violation comes under the corruption and the corruption is never appreciated and there are many people who are found involved in doing corruption because corruption reduces their burden and they are found living life easily without hard work and any struggle.

Corrupt people when are interviewed they are found justifying that we did corruption because we do not get justice and we have to use wrong means to get the justice. There are many people who are found saying that corruption is our right and we have to do it because no one gives us attention unless we become corrupt or unless we do not do something bad or something that does not come in the routine. To end corruption, there has to be special teams.

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