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Early Morning incident when children going to school

Early Morning incident when children going to school
صبح بچے سکول جارہے اور ہولناک حادثہ، موٹرسائیکل سوار آئے اور دھڑا دھڑ فائرنگ، گلی میں قیامت کا سا منظر

Scientists are still trying to revive human life after getting dead. It was the stark reality which is yet to be unresolved for scientists around the world. They are working on it day and night and want to overcome this riddle which does not seem to be completed. They have made lot of experiments on human life to get successful in this matter till now.

Early Morning incident when children going to school

Scientists are amazed with the concept of soul as they are still unable to watch physically to it.  Actually most of the scientists are belong to non Muslim religions and they want to get success in this matter. They want to show Muslims as they can do the same things which are dong by their Allah. In other words they have started to compete with Allah hilariously.

They have also made one sheep with the name of “Dolly” which also remained alive for about some years. It was very wonderful experience of scientists in which they got successful. They picked three main organisms from three sheep and then they united all three into one. Then they were able to get their own masterpiece with the help of those three organisms.

After getting victory in the form of dolly, they started to think to make cloning of human beings. In this matter, a great dispute was arisen as people of European Countries started to protest against all those scientists who wanted to make this. People had reservations in this matter as they could not afford same kind of two people in the same area.

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