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Qandeel Baloch Brother Arrested Statement Video

Qandeel Baloch Brother Arrested Statement Video

انڈیا قندیل بلوچ کے قتل پر بھی دشمنی سے باز نہ آیا – حیرت انگیز ویڈیو دیکھیں

Undeniably, it is not easy task to come on air in news bulletin as some famous news anchors come and give their assigned news bulleting so confidently. Even it is impossible for those ones who are considered very determined and confidant and faced to camera daily basis. It is the quality to give news bulletin which is not common but is poured in some exceptional people.

Qandeel Baloch Brother Arrested Statement Video

Same is the case happened with Sana Bucha who is undoubtedly very good anchor but could not prove herself good in news bulletin as she is in other sectors. She also had not worried situation as she was not facing the problems of camera first times as she had hosted lot of programs earlier.

There are some extra ordinary news caters who are appearing on different news channel and they have no other comparison in this field. Talking about PTV, there was also one female who started to give gestures during news bulletin which got famous and it added new twist while giving news bulletin.

Off course, either it is a natural ability to keep in mind to news while giving the news bulletin or it would be very tough practice and nothing else. There would be no third reason to come on air for news bulletin where there are no chances left for mistakes. This is the reason we see people for years during news bulletin otherwise many people are changed without news anchors.

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