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Dubai Police Officer did With Iran Girls

Dubai Police Officer did With Iran Girls
دبئی پولیس عورتوں کی جیل میں قیدی عورتوں کیساتھ کیا سلوک کرتی ہے ویڈیو دیکھیں
Miracles of Allah and Islam include many things in which there are wonders for human beings. The eyes, hearts and minds that give thought to the created things around them are found recording and considering the miracles. But the hearts, minds and eyes that are blind with the following of evil desires do not see any miracle.

There are many people who are supposed to notice the miracles of Allah and Islam but hardly few note the miracles of Allah and Islam. Even in the existence of own selves of human beings there are many signs as the human heart is such an amazing created thing that its alternate is not created so far after the advancement in science and technology.

Advancement in science and technology though has made many of the verses of Quran become clear that were used to be considered as the verses which are not correct. Scientific miracles of Quran hold a long list of miracles for those who read and understand but non believers do not believe in any miracle even after looking at so many signs.

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