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Dubai Gives Wakeup Call Video On Life Watch Clip

Dubai Gives Wakeup Call Video On Life Watch Clip

Dubai is a place where tourists come from around the world, to have fun and to spend days in economical hotel rooms and fun in the Burj Al Khalifa.Whenever the name of Dubai is the picture is taken in mind is the place of dreams where people are full of life.

Dubai Gives Wakeup Call Video On Life Watch Clip

Many times people donot find difficulties to obtain economic hotel rooms and make the most of their trip to Dubai Here we present you the video, shown in the a completely opposite case, and instead of the colors of life eternal reality of life is shown in, Dubai Documentary. In this documentary in Dubai a doctor telecasted nicknamed Abu Omer appears, he with his will has decided to experience death and grave moments. It lies in the grave, trying to feel that death has approached him, and he will be cut by all his family members.

He rest in the grave in Dubai Dessert made to come to his friend for about 20 minutes with no motion and after 20 mints and calls wake him and ask his experience and greeted him with the words you have got a new life and ask him to explain 20 mints. Abu Omer begins weeping and hugging his friend and says that the first question in the grave near the city in a dessert of Dubai, triggered his feeling was that what I have done in life. As the relationship with my wife, children and most especially with my Lord. I realized the blessings I believe.

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The body and mind is the greatest blessing that I hold, I realized for the first time that this my will to Lord together with my body and soul to the possession of my lord, and I should. Far from the city of Dubai in Dessert Abu Omer establishes the reality of life.

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