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Drama’s Celebs Cross Limits For Rating

Drama’s Celebs Cross Limits For Rating

براہ کرم زیادہ سے زیادہ اس پیغام کو ضرور شئیر کریں
It is a matter of great concern that celebrities of Dubai, New York, Paris, Istanbul, Toronto, and London, cross limits for rating. The level of ethics seems to have gone extremely down when it comes to talk shows and dramas.
Drama's Celebs Cross Limits For Rating

Instead of talking about the issue or highlighting the point clearly, the focus is much on the looks of male/female celebrity. The role of private channels, in this regard, cannot be ignored. Even in some Asian countries such as India and Pakistan, much glamor is shown on-screen.

Only a few programs and drama series are good to watch with whole family, while the rest prove to be good for nothing. Talking about the morning shows and daily soaps of Pakistan, we must say that the female celebrities expose themselves more than enough. Whether they have confidence to present a show superbly or not, but the one thing they are expert in is the display of clothes and footwear.

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