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Dozens Fans Died during Bullfighting in Spain

Dozens Fans Died during Bullfighting in Spain
اس واقعہ کے بعد اسپین میں اس خونی کھیل پر پابندی لگا دی گئی، ویڈیو دیکھیں

Dozens of fans tragically lost lives in horrible incidents at Spanish bullfighting event in Spain. The incident took place at Spanish capital Barcelona. It was the main event which takes place at the start of spring festival every year.


Every year several Spanish bullfighting events take place in Spain during the spring season. Fans often suffers serious loses in such events. Especially the street show in Barcelona a lot of incidents happens. In this event, wild bulls are left in the streets of city and people face them without having any safety measures. Spanish people are very fond of such animal fighting events.

The animal rights organizations in the world have stared speaking against the bullfighting events in Spain. Spanish people are very fond of them but rest of the world has become a major opposition. The Spanish government has still to decide about the future of inhuman sporting event. It has been part of Spanish traditions since several centuries.

The Spanish tradition has very special attachment with the bullfighting events. Citizens in Spain take part in animal festivals with great zeal and zest. However, other countries in Europe have advised their citizens to attend these events at the Spanish capital and other cities.

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