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Dishoom Film banned in pakistan due to this scene

Dishoom Film banned in pakistan due to this scene

آئی ایس آئی اور را دونوں کے لئے کام کرتی ہو کیا، کیا اس سین کی وجہ سے دشوم فلم پر پاکستان میں پابندی لگائی گی ؟؟

John Abraham and Varun Dhawan-starrer Dishoom appears to be getting a excellent response in India with its prime masala content. Alternatively, Pakistan is not happy with this complete-on entertainer and has reportedly banned Dishoom.The movie, which also stars Nargis Fakhri and Jacqueline Fernandez was once launched in India and around the world on Friday (July 29). However as feared earlier, the movie has been banned in Pakistan.

Dishoom Film banned in pakistan due to this scene

Varun aka Junaid Ansari of Dishoom is in reality dissatisfied with this news. The actor took to Twitter to precise the similar pronouncing: “In point of fact dissatisfied that Dishoom is banned in pakistan. I don’t suppose the movie sooner or later displays any country in a nasty light. It’s a wrong decision.”

Varun clarified that Dishoom has not anything against Pakistan but as per the rustic’s censor board, the movie has shown Pakistan in a bad light. Dishoom offers with the kidnapping of an Indian cricketer just 36 hours ahead of the overall match among Pakistan and India. After the trailer launched, eyebrows had been raised on the different aspect of the border.

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Earlier too the actor said, “I would like to clear this. There’s no poor reference towards Pakistan or any community.” He defined, “It is a very certain representation. In truth, what we are seeking to show is that for sure other people cash is their religion. It’s now not being an Indian, Pakistani, Hindu, Muslim or Christian. Within the capitalistic global that we are living in, money is the most important motive force for so much crimes.”

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