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Disgusting problems facing in Guest Houses

Always facing problems in Guest Houses

پرائیویٹ گیسٹ ہاؤس اور ہوٹلوں میں جانے سے پہلے یہ ویدڈیو دیکھ لیں

Disgusting situation of guest houses are being reported from whole country. People are facing problems in this context at vast level. Some people have faced problems when they used guest house outside of city. In this country, people have forgotten the mission to get this country unfortunately. Being a Muslims we should not forget our religion and its teachings.

Disgusting problems facing in Guest Houses

Our forefathers tried to get this country just to practice their religion at priority. They had hurdles when they were living Hindu community and sometimes had problems to complete their beliefs. So they decided to have separate country and they did it. But, now days, people have forgotten everything and only want to earn money by hook or crook.

They have started to mix the business with illegal activities. They only want money without having any difference from where it is coming. People of our country have even started to earn money by putting aside the preaching of Islam. Before some days, in one of famous media channel was reporting on one guest house where customers were complaining about their hospitality.

According to that program firstly they took it easy but, when they saw as this matter was getting serious they also jumped in to know the reality. According to that media program, one guest house was very busy to make video of their customers who came there for night stay. After having one night stay, management were started to blackmail their customers through video tape that they were taped during the night stay.

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