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Devil Dajjal Baby Born with Unicorn Horns

Cyclops Devil Baby Born with Unicorn Horns 
ہوا نا میں شیطان نما بچے کی پیدائش یہودی علما کی بچہ تحویل میں لینے کی تقریب کی ویڈیو لیک

Cyclops baby under medial treatment at hospital in Israel has spread strange rumors about Presence of Dajjal in world.  The baby born at Israeli hospital has very much resembled with Dajjal, the devil indicated in Quran.

Devil Dajjal Baby Born with Unicorn Horns

Israel has several other things to become a news headline other than Cyclops baby. Special medical treatment in any Israeli hospital is another major reason for this small Jewish state to become popular. However, it is famous all over world for treating Palestinian Muslims like animals since ages. Palestinian Muslims does not have right to get medical facilities on their own land. Life has become miserable for Muslim patients since ever.

Patients from all parts of world come to Israel for medical treatment but Muslims living there has to travel to other countries. Any Israeli hospital does not offer its services for Muslims in presence of Jewish settlers.  Life of Muslims has become miserable because of Jews settlers in every way. Where all patients of world get best medical and surgical advice from Jewish doctors, Muslims die miserably.

Pakistan is only country in world which does not allow travel to Israel for any reason. Pakistani citizens are not allowed to get medical treatment at any Israeli hospital as well. However, those overseas Pakistanis having multiple nationalities can travel for different reasons.

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