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Demon possessed to female in shopping store

Chinese woman possess in shopping store

استغفراللہ! چین کے سٹور میں لڑکی کے ساتھ ہولناک واقعہ؛ دیکھ کر حیران رہ جائیں؛ کمزور دل ویڈیو نہ دیکھیں

Demon possessed to female when she was entered in the shopping store to have some shopping. She was entered in one of rack where shopkeeper has placed many things to buy. She was going to be busy in getting something when she heard a sound of dropping something behind her. She moved back and saw as one handbook on the floor of shopping store. She moved towards handbook so that she could pick it up and placed it from where it dropped.

Demon possessed to female in shopping store

When she went near to handbook and picked up, there was uncertain process started with her. She started to behave as something was inside her and forcing to move baldy. She also had books in her hand when she did this and those were also dropped. Female possessed by demon in shopping center and surprised every other customer as well. Female possessed by demon when she was in one of shopping center. She entered in the shopping center and started to select things for purchasing.

She got busy when she got a sound of something dropping on the floor. She turned back and saw as something was on the floor. It was the handbook which was on the floor. She also had handbooks in her hand but she preferred to pick it up at its right place. She went for this and picked up. She started to rotate her body badly and dropped on the floor. Female who was standing near to her, could not note anything as what was happening behind her.

When she turned around she saw her and amazed a lot. She went towards her and touched her but she herself was on the ground when got a powerful jerk from her. Very serious condition had been arisen at that time as one man came towards her when he noticed the whole matter. She was started to creep like demons in Hollywood movies. She got badly disturbed and it seemed as someone had got full control on her completely. She was crying and shouting badly while lying on the floor of shopping center.

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