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Defence Aunties Broken violate Islamic family laws

Defence Aunties Broken violate Islamic family laws

In General, governments are responsible for the betterment of its citizens. Government institutions are directly involved to the social conditions of its citizens and they are also questionable to the people if any problem occurs. People should also cooperate with the institutions of governments to avoid any problem in the state.

Defence Aunties Broken violate Islamic family laws

In developed countries or First World Countries like Europe and America, the governments are responsible for the people of its states. They try to provide every facility to their citizens which they think necessary to them. It is included in governments’ responsibility to give basic facilities to its nation like education and health.

In those countries, education and health is free of every citizen. They are even responsible to provide basic needs if citizens have not proper employments. In the contrary, in third world countries, the pictures is fully reversed. Everything is running without any sense. After entering in these countries, one feels like he has entered in mob which has no rules and regulations to follow.

The generation of our country Pakistan is going to be perverted on every coming day. They are going to be used by the hands of illegal people. Our girls are being used just for enjoyment. And, they also have no option without doing this as they have no proper sources of employment. Same is the case with male department in Pakistan.

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They also have not proper guidance after getting their graduation and get involved in illegal activities. On the other hand, our institutions have no time for its coming generation due to their own illegal benefits.

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