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Death Pool swimming in dangerous pool of Hawaii

Death Pool swimming in dangerous pool of Hawaii
  استغفراللہ! دنیا میں موجود موت کا تالاب جو کبھی سمندر کبھی نہر بن جاتا، حیرانکن ویڈیو دیکھیں

Amazing swimming is shown by three swimmers who were taking bath in pool of death. Obviously it was heart-stopping moments which are recorded in the camera when three swimmers were struggling to get from foaming water from a tidal sinkhole. Actually that place is called as Queen’s Bath in Hawaii where very calm water turns to aggressive at once.

Death Pool swimming in dangerous pool of Hawaii

It gets as aggressive as three swimmers once feel as they would become the part of sea very soon. However, due to less pressure of water all swimmers got successful to come close to shore very soon. That shocking footage gets viral on all internet portals when they uploaded on it. According to people as it is also renowned as pool of death due to its uncertainty of water level.

According to some analysts, as it was shot in Kaua’I which is the part of Hawaii called Queen’s Bath that is deceptively very dangerous and covered from its three sides with heavy rocks. Astonishingly, water level of becomes calm at some level but it turns to aggressive mode in the next moment.

Talking about the three swimmers who were all boys, they were swimming in the death pool and it seemed as they know very well about the uncertain behavior of water level. They were very aware of as they have no tension on their faces when water level arose. They all three also trapped by water but it was not for long time.

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