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Dardnaak Azaab Students of Karachi NED University

Dardnaak Azaab Students of Karachi NED University 

اذان کے وقت بیہودگی جاری تھی، دیکھیں اللہ نے کیسا دردناک عذاب دیا
Students of Karachi NED University are showing some tricks as how they get enter in the bus of University. It is definitely matter of disgrace and disrespect as how our new generation is reacting against something else or what they are delivering after getting something else from their universities. You can see as there was only one bus at the point and male students were jumping like illiterate people in the bus.

Dardnaak Azaab Students of Karachi NED University

Actually there were two ways to get in the bus, one was for the female students and the other was for male students. Females were entering as usual as they cannot afford jumping anymore. However, on the other hand, males were very young to do it and they were noticing as someone else was making them video.

Here is the matter comes about the management of the university, someone told to media as management did not provide enough buses that are required for the students. When students have no enough buses they started to behave like this as you have seen in the video. According to information, students are many in numbers but buses are fewer according to ratio of the students.

Now talking about ethics, if students are at right but it does not mean as they should have started to behave like this. They are all student of graduate classes and it does not suit them to behave like this. In next 2-3 years, they would definitely be entered in their practical field in which they would have to face many difficult things.

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