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Dangerous Girl fails Rope Jump from mountain

Dangerous Girl fails Rope Jump from mountain

 سونے کے سکے کے لالچ میں شرط لگا کر انگریز لڑکی نے جان داؤ پر لگا دی۔۔۔ استغفرااللہ

British Woman jumps from with rope from height which is impossible for a simple British Woman. Actually it was a fun of European Citizen who made it on daily basis. She was new one and had no idea about to jump from such big height. She also did not want to become the part of this game as well.

Dangerous Girl fails Rope Jump from mountain

She was forced to do it by her friends who were all had done it before. They also wanted to jump from her from the same height. She told them lot of time as she was new in this game and she could not complete the task.

However, she was encircled with her friends who were not ready to hear her more. They decided if British Woman admonished for this again they would all pick her up and would drop in the pound from the height. So she decided to jump from the height.

Actually it was the task as she had to jump from the height with rope and crossed the water pound with the help of rope. British Woman was new in this field and she was frightened to do it. However, she had to do it as her friends wanted to be done it by her.

When British Woman jumped she could not maintain her balance and could not get the desired destination. She remained amid the target and fell in the water. She was safe due to fall in the water otherwise she may have some wounds. Then she did it again and then she was succeeded.

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