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Dance in University UAF Hashmi Hall Faisalabad

Dance in University UAF Hashmi Hall Faisalabad

ایگری کلچر یونیورسٹی میں لڑکا اور لڑکی۔۔ ویڈیو دیکھیں

University of Agriculture has on Tuesday expelled a student over criticizing dance concert at the university on Facebook post. Student Syed Kashan Ali Gillani said that he will go to High Court since he wasn’t heard before being punished and was punished despite having apologized, reported Dunya News.

Dance in University UAF Hashmi Hall Faisalabad

According to details, University of Agriculture Faisalabad had arranged Ksian (farmer) Festival but invited no farmers at all. Dance concert was also arranged on the event by the university administration. When a PHD student Syed Kashan Haider Gillani criticized dance at the event, it proved counterproductive for him as everyone turned against him.

When the matter was raised before the administration, the student was called and expelled for having criticized the university.

Talking to Dunya News, Gillani said that the committee didn’t hear him and was made a scapegoat in the inter-departmental wars.

The action taken by the university has been criticized by the citizens. Digital Rights Foundation declared it a check on students’ personal life. They also warned that such incidents would lead more dangerous results.

On the other hand, the university administration says that Kashan Haider violated the rules of the university. They also said that the student will have the right to challenge the decision made by the committee.

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