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Cyber ISI Attack On BSNL Data Base Hacked

Cyber ISI Attack On BSNL Data Base Hacked

وو کام کر ڈالا بھارتی را بھی سر پکڑ کر بیٹھ گی مکمل ویڈیو دیکھیں

According to India Media BSNL Database has been hacked by an anonymous hacker. They have claimed all records related to military and sensitive data has been hacked by ISI and we are investigating the issue. Indian media also claimed that this is massive cyber attack on Indian data management company who handles all the data of Indian telecommunication and internet services providers.

Cyber ISI Attack On BSNL Data Base Hacked

The imposter had a free run until it was detected that the call came from Pakistan. This incident sent alarm bells ringing, but the top brass of India’s elite intelligence wing was not amused. Reason: the officials had encountered similar situations in the past as well. Although such an attempt is akin to firing a shot in the dark, it is one of the most commonly used tricks of the trade to con gullible people into parting information.

Spoofing is a way of concealing one’s real identity and assuming a fake one. What caught the attention of the intelligence officials was the level of penetration that foreign spooks were able to do this time. For instance, a series of emails were exchanged between the PIO and the unsuspecting BSNL employee, which culminated in installation of malware on BSNL servers. Apparently, BSNL hosts India’s largest database of telephone numbers and call records because except in Delhi and Mumbai, almost all government telephone numbers operate on BSNL networks.

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