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Crocodile Attack his Trainer Killed eat Alive

Crocodile Attack and Killed his Trainer eat Alive

Crocodile Attack his Trainer Killed eat Alive 1
Crocodile Attack his Trainer Killed eat Alive 1

A trainer who has spent the last 30 years working with crocodiles was killed recently. Upon the request of a tourist, the trainer entered the lake infested by numerous crocs when something goes horribly wrong.

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[sociallocker][/sociallocker] The video below shows us a how an alligator feeding demonstration goes terribly wrong! The wild animal turns and fights back and instead of the food, he jumps for the feeder’s hand. Apparently, Jonny Cobbler, the feeder, made a mistake which almost cost him his life.

And below is another example that crocodiles are just not suitable animals for entertainment. They are unpredictable, and even though they’ve gone through the same routine, over and over again, if someone gets on their nerves, they strike back! Like in the video below, where a so called alligator trainer gets attacked by the wild beast and his hand hangs by only a few ties:

Crocodile Attack his Trainer Killed eat Alive 2

And since we’ve seen some videos about the people who get attacked while feeding an alligator… let’s see what happens when the feeder uses a different approach for extra entertainment. In the video below, the zoo-keeper feeds the croc while it’s in the water, from above… but he didn’t count on the fact that he croc will jump out of the water and pull him inside the water.

Bungee jumping is safe, right? Well, normally, if you take all precautions, it should be, but if you jump over a river and stumble upon a crocodile… well, let’s just say it’s not a pretty sight. Watch the video below.


Do not play with fire and do not put your head in an alligator’s mouth no matter how tamed you think it is… It will turn around and bite you, like in the video below:

[sociallocker][/sociallocker] We do not know how to make it more clearer to you: do not do anything to cross a croc, or better yet, just stay away from them, the man in the video below kept playing with the crocodile and he got his fingers bit off:

[sociallocker][/sociallocker] Alligator attacks are extreme and terrifying! The most recent attack was a scientist from North Carolina who almost had his arm chewed off by a 300 pound angry gator.
This attack had a happy ending, the biologist kept his cool and managed to get out alive, but other vicious similar events ended with deaths. Let’s have a look at some of the most extreme alligator attacks.

The recent attack in North Carolina reminds us just how dangerous alligators are! The 300 pound gator was 10 feet long and he wasn’t very happy when an aquarium biologist tried to catch and move him from the side of a highway close to the Tar Heel State’s barrier islands.

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