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Criminals Following Amjad Sabri CCTV Footage

Criminals Following Amjad Sabri CCTV Footage

امجد صابری پر ہونے والے قاتلانہ حملے کی سی سی ٹی وی فوٹیج منظر عام پر آگئی

CCTV Footage of Amjad Sabri Incident a few hours ago in the media. The latest footage shows the Criminals chasing the victim throughout the way to his Television station. Many security cameras installed at different parts in the city has recorded the moments when they were chasing in the city.

Criminals Following Amjad Sabri CCTV Footage

Unfortunately the footage does not cover the Amjad Sabri incident site. The criminals had chosen a place where there was no chance of any security camera. However, there were hundreds of eye witnesses available on the site to see their faces. Police has made a sketch of the criminals as well.

The TV Footage shows faces of the criminals as well. It was told in the news that the Amjad Sabri incident footage was recovered by the Security agencies in Karachi from different places. Many private buildings in Karachi have installed CCTV cameras as well these days. The Law and order situation in Karachi has become very bad these days.

The Criminals were chasing the car of Amjad Sabri on the crowded places unaware of the CCTV camera. At the end they have selected a quiet place for their crime. The place of incident was unfortunately out of coverage of any CCTV camera. However, the security agencies will defiantly get many clues from the small clips received from different places.

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