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Corruption Punishment at Saudi Arabia Strict Rules

Corruption Punishment at Saudi Arabia Strict Rules
اگر پاکستان میں ایسا ہو جائے تو آدھی پارلیمنٹ ٹنڈی ہوجائے۔۔۔ سعودیہ میں کرپشن اور ملکی خزانہ لوٹنے پر سیاستدان کا ہاتھ کاٹ ڈالا، کمزار دل ویڈِو نہ دیکھیں

Saudi government takes action against national culprit who had allegation of corruption against him. Government of Saudi also gave him chance to prove it wrong but he could not prove it. So, it was decided by the court as his right hand would be cut off due to allegations. It was the decision of Saudi government due to which Saudi government is working very well to till date.

Corruption Punishment at Saudi Arabia Strict Rules

Human rights agencies have always objections on Saudi government especially when they listen about the executions of aggressors. They always try to hamper in the laws of Saudi Arabia that are fully relevant to Islamic law. Off course, there is no such authority exist which can replace these laws in Saudi Arabia. However, some organizations are still in this effort to change the law enforcing system in Saudi Arabia.

According to some European News Channels who always try to display the sentences in dull form and try to prove it wrong. There are some human organizations who are reporting on stories related to Saudi Arabia in which Saudi government has executed about 175 people since January 2016. It is also stark reality as Saudi Arabia is safe due to rule of law otherwise it would also had very plight situation.

Actually, Saudi Arabia is the head country of all Muslim Ummah as Muslim community travelled towards this country because of sacred places and cities in it. In other words, it leads to whole Muslim community around the world. So, it is impossible to imply irrelevant rule of law in this country contrary to Islam.

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