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Cobra Snakes Protected Sleeping Kid Watch Clip

Cobra Snakes Protected Sleeping Kid Watch Clip

While the child is with the toy at the tender age play but has an Indian child in the world, surprised while playing with the snakes. A one year old North Indian child has no one else to play with in the absence of his parents, so he has a strange creature made his friend.

Cobra Snakes Protected Sleeping Kid Watch Clip

Not only the child could play with the cobra snakes, but the dangerous reptiles are designed to protect him while he sleeps. This was to show that a child was able to play with the most dangerous snakes, while his parents were away from home in a popular TV channel.

According to the information the young child has no choice but to play with the snake, as he was the only child of her parents. The parents were very poor, and have a juggler job to do to support their child.

In India about 70% of the population people lead their lives under the poverty lines. The majority is forced to lead a miserable life and to take it several dangerous professions, to feed her siblings. Same was the case with this poor man who put no income other than his children and has life under a constant threat.

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Despite the fact that the people who claim to be with wildlife like snakes known, lions and bears a prey in the hands of their domesticated animals. But their stories remain hidden from the world, if something happens to the public. There was no guarantee for those people who are not affected them or their children by wilderness.

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