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climate causes of Resurrection on earth, Effects of Climate on Earth

Effects of Climate on Earth, does climate causes of Resurrection on earth, Resurrection on earth, climate “resurrection is the tale Scientists, about resurrection on earth article

climate causes of Resurrection on earth, Effects of Climate on Earth

People eminent scientists and Nobel laureate said on Thursday that climate change is a major threat to human civilization nuclear war while it will bring the world closer to resurrection.

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Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, a group “Hour” has given rise to two minutes to midnight, after which it is only three minutes away. Hour was built in 1947. It has been changed 18 times. In 1953, two minutes away from the hour of midnight, while in 1991 it was 17 minutes away. This watch is five minutes to midnight in 2012, but now it’s been two minutes and now it has been three minutes away. His last position was in 1983 when the United States and the Cold War between the Soviet Union was going on.

Benedict said the group’s executive director Kent climate change and the nuclear arms race and the number of their assets are in danger due to human civilization.

The world’s leaders failed to protect citizens from potential disaster that. Benedict said that we are not saying it expired to take any action, but it may end soon, the world will have to make changes out of his lethargy.

According to the group to which such measures will have to be made in order to limit greenhouse gas emissions do not increase the temperature rapidly.

Another member of the group said Richard the steps taken to prevent climate change are inadequate.

He said that if I do not get it reduced emissions of different countries of the world by the end of this century, greenhouse gas emissions will have so that the world may have changed substantially.

The year 2014 was the warmest ever recorded. The coming days will affect millions of these changes and will affect the systems on which human life depends. The money spent on nuclear weapons scientists dramatically reduced demand. Benedict said there are nuclear weapons in the world: 16300 there are a lot of them. Sharon another member of the group, said the US and Russia still considerably lower than the cold war, nuclear weapons, but they have nearly stopped to end.

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