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Chinese Groom sad wedding rumors disturbs

Chinese Groom sad wedding rumors disturbs

چین میں شادی پر دلہا دلہن کو روتے چھوڑ کر چلا گیا، سب لوگ بھی حیران؛ ویڈیو دیکھیں

In one of Chinese countries, groom upsets a lot due to hilarious rumors when he was very close to wed. According to reports it was very unique rumor about the groom as he started to lay egg due to which his first wife left him. When it was heard by him, he got very upset about the rumors.

Chinese Groom sad wedding rumors disturbs

It was as strange as some news agencies also started to investigate about the clarity of the news. Some people asked them as they did not know about the reality but they had heard it. Some people also found by them which said to them as it is right but they asked them to hide their names. Actually those people were involved in those elements who spread that rumor about him.

Actually it was the real story of man who lived in Indonesia who also claimed to lay eggs. He even had his eggs in the envelope and asking for to write his name in Guinness book of world record. He told to doctor as he went in wash room when he felt something inside his belly.

According to him when he went he sat on the seat for faces but he stunned at once. He saw as he had laid one egg which was in the seat. He picked it up and showed to his friends who did not believe on him. So, he decided to show them another egg which he gave after 6 hours. It was enough to them to believe.

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