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Chinese Doctor Ear surgery on Arm

Chinese Doctor Ear surgery on Arm
کیا یہ زمانہ آخر ہے جسکے بارے میں بتایا گیا کہ انسانی اعضا اگائے جائیں گے ؟؟؟ چینی ڈاکٹروں نے آدمی کے بازو پر کان اگادیا دیکھیں ویڈیو

Miracles of Allah not only make people believe that commandments given in Quran are beneficial for them rather these commandments are beneficial for their afterlife as well, those who act upon the commandments and teachings of Quran found themselves in miracles and experience peace.

All mega structures around the man like big mountains and sky make man wonder that he is small, and this sense of smallness make him bow down to the one creator. A man grows only when he starts using his mind that creator writes an instruction manual and this instruction manual is Quran.

Wonders of Islam can be explained by quoting the verses of Quran as every problem is addressed in the book in which Muslims believe. Every problem that human mind and heart undergo is discussed in detail within the Quran. All problems of man are discussed and their solutions are told repeatedly in detail which confirms its divine source.

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