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China Women’s Trade 2014-2015

China Women’s Trade 2014-2015

China Women's Trade 2014-2015
China Women’s Trade 2014-2015

China is emerging as a fast growing economy in the world. Economically it is considered as one of the prominent countries in the world but so far as human rights are concerned, the situation is not so bright or charming. It is recently revealed that poor and helpless girls from Vietnam are being sold in China.

Either Chinese use these girls for their sexual needs or sometimes they are sold for prostitution. Vietnam shares its Northern border with China and girls in a large number come to China and they are sold there.

These girls belong to Hmong ethnic group, a minority in Vietnam. This group comprises 8% of the total population in Vietnam and is being exploited for long long time. People of this group sell their own girls to the Chinese.

Vietnam Government has established a centre near the Chinese border to educate the victims. A girl named Kiab, aged 16, was sold to a Chinese by her real brother. Chinese are purchasing girls from North Korea, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia too.

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