Saturday , 29 April 2017
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Chai Walay becomes Fashion Wala with Morning Show Host

Morning Show Host Chai Walay Arshad Khan Ki Deewani Hogai

The drooling over the pulchritudinous chaiwala is on the verge of settling down, but an epic debate has risen between men and women. Men’s right activists are crying hoarse over ‘reverse sexism’ and ‘misandry’ over the ‘sexualisation’ of Arshad Khan.


Beyond the capricious debate of whether this is a class or a gender issue, I think this incident has raised an important moot point that merits examination. It begs to recognise where the men who can defend women in this instance are? Honestly, I don’t see them and this further substantiates my growing realisation that most men choose not to identify themselves as feminists.

Arshad Khan, 18, was photographed pouring tea at Islamabad’s Sunday Bazaar by photographer Javeria Ali. Thousands of lovestruck Twitter users quickly shared the picture, swooning over his piercing eyes, and #ChaiWala began trending across social media.

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