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CCTV Footage Shopkeeper Catch Girl theft jewels

CCTV Footage Shopkeeper Catch Girl theft jewels

کس طرح اس لڑکی نے 25 لاکھ روپے کے ہیرے چرا لئے دنیا دیکھتی رہ گئی

CCTV footage helps to shopkeeper to catch the girl who deceptively gets jewels from the shop having cost about 2.5 million. When she was sat on her chair, she carefully looked around and found as nobody was seeing at her. She surprisingly put jewels in her pocket and some of others put in her T-shirt. She was fully confident on her act as nobody was seeing her.

CCTV Footage Shopkeeper Catch Girl theft jewels

She was right as nobody was seeing her but CCTV camera was there to capture everything. She forgets the importance of CCTV footage which proved her serial theft. There were about more than two cameras erected there in the jewelry shop which were continuously making her video from different angles.

Actually she was working at showroom and according to reports she had joined it one day before. When she tried to slipped away from the showroom but the security guard asked her to check first before leaving the showroom. She also tried to slip away from the security guard and asked her as she was going to buy some medicines.

She was very clever and came there for this theft she managed to go out from the showroom without checking. Security guard noted the time when he found as she was not back after 10 minutes he raised the security alarm. When media goes to owner of shop, they said after ringing the bell, they check the stock where they had some missing items.

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