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CCTV Footage Motorway police fight army officers

CCTV Footage Motorway police fight army officers 
فوجی بڑے **** ہوتے ہیں میں تم لوگوں کو الٹا لٹکا کر۔۔۔ اب پولیس والا یہ بولیگا تو ہم نہیں چھوڑینگے پولیس والے کو کیوں مارا؟؟ فوجی جوان کا موقف سامنے آگیا

According to the document which is being widely shared on the internet, NH&MP patrolling officials had intercepted two cars on September 10, 2016 which were being driven recklessly. Instead of cooperating with the NH&MP officials, the drivers became “rash and flared up”. One of the drivers, later identified as an army officer, also pointed his pistol at motorway officers.


The document added that one of the drivers made a telephone call and subsequently 20-25 army personnel reached the spot. It further claimed that “on arrival at the scene, the army personnel assaulted the officers with butt and batons”. “Later on, the army personnel forcibly took the police officers in their official vehicles to the Attock Fort along with NH&MP official vehicle and 3 SMGs,” reads the communiqué.

Motorway officials were reportedly detained at the fort for a “considerable time” and were released after intervention by senior army officers. Subsequently, they were brought to the district headquarter hospital for treatment and the writing of their medico-legal report, the document claimed.

The affected police officers filed a case under Sections 279, 186, 353, 506, 365, 342, 148 and 149 of Pakistan Panel Code at the Akora Khattak police station at district Nowshera, the document stated.

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