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butcher Hand Slipped and Cuts self neck

butcher Hand Slipped and Cuts self neck
گائے ذبح کرتے قصائی کے اپنے ہی گلے پر چھری چل گئی، ہولناک ویڈیو دیکھیں

A horrible incident with a butcher left people in a state of shock when his hand slipped while using the cutting tool on animal. The unlucky man was getting ready for animal slaughter, but cow went out of control. The man suffers seriously and he was rushed to a medical center. He was not survived in the tragic incident.


Not opting for using the slaughter house services becomes problem for Butcher on EID day. Family also was left I n shock and happiness converted into sadness. Such type of horrible incidents is very often heard in absence of professional people on the EID. There are several reasons that people do not use services of professional butchers.

A professional butcher chargers more on EID and makes the Animal Slaughter costly than price of an animal. Most of the people in this condition try to opt for self-slaughtering also. Some individuals on EID days also become professionals and provide services. However, such people do not do any good to the animal or the people as well. Having no proper experience they also often become victim of such tragic incidents.

To control this entire thing in the society, Governments should provide slaughters house serves to the people. Having slaughter house, no one will need a butcher on EID for animal slaughter. Slaughter house will also become helpful in keeping the cities clean. On EID everywhere people throws away the remains of animals which creates a lot of dirt and health problems.

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