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Burying Girl Alive by her stepfather

Burying Girl Alive by her stepfather
 سالہ لڑکی کو زندہ دفنا دیا، لیکن وہ قبر سے کیسے بچ گئی

Little child saves after burying alive in one of famous city of Pakistan by her own stepfather. It was really annoying for everyone who heard about this cruel activity by her own father. According to report which was reported by one of famous private channel named Dunya TV.


People showed very aggressive response after hearing the whole story of burring little child in grave before her death. She was buried by her Stepfather and she was completely covered with soil but her face was covered by wooden sticks due to which she remained alive fortunately.

According to reports, he got her daughter from his neighbors when he got failed to get his own real children. Both husband and wife were tired in this effort and could not find any solution of their disease. Their neighbors were pretty good and they donated their lovely little girl to them when she was born in their home.

After sometime, one false saint met with him who adopted that little girl. He forced him to have some trance and said as he would definitely have his own real descendants after doing this. Firstly he strongly forbade him for this but after his insistence he agreed to do it.

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