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Burma Badly Killing of Muslims Watch Clip

Burma Badly Killing of Muslims Watch Clip

Burma is burning problem now days. We have seen many terrorists all over the world.

People were stunned that a child can be seen in the show, and it was amazing to more if one of the judges asked, his age, and he had no idea about his age.

Burma Badly Killing of Muslims Watch Clip

Then He also said that he moved from a nice lady who she calls her mother to America. She took him along with his brother and since then they have in the US.

This is a case of US led war in Iraq. People around the world do not know what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Burma and Kashmir and in other countries, which are under martial.

Media ban is there no one gives access to insight.

Watch Clip:

War began against terrorism has destroyed the rest of the world. People in US have begun to question why they are now fighting this war. United States of America has nothing out of this war, but only deficit in its annual budget.

Burma is the most discussed topic now days. Also in the UN (United Nations) we saw in the previous session, you will know that several countries in the UN spoke about Burma issue.

Peace is a good thing to keep.

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