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Break of wudu during namaz guide

وضو ٹوٹ جانے پر کیا کرنا چاہیے۔ویڈیودیکھیں

As salamualaikum brothers and sisters,

please pardon me for my mistakes in language, this is the first time m asking a question on a forum, and very shy regarding this topic.


my problem is that whenevr i make wudu for salat, it gets broken again and again due to passing of air from behind (rih), and many a times it happens when m in ongoing namaz. while at home i can make wudu again and again, but when m praying in a jamaat and such situations happen i have no idea what should be done.
please guide me, what is to be done as my most of the time is spent in making wudu then praying namaz as i cant keep it for long time, and also guide me what is to be done when this situation happens when m praying in a jamaat.

Allah knows best.

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Answer / Reply

When before praying you always make the intention of how many rakats or which prayer your about to pray. For example if your about to pray Zuhr 4 rakats fard you would make the intention that your going to pray this salaah and you would how many rakats your praying beforehand and while praying.Forgetting the number of rak`ahs that one has prayed does not automatically invalidate one’s prayer.

Rather, if one forgets how many rak`ahs one has prayed, one goes on the assumption that he has prayed the least number that he is certain of. For example, if I’m unsure whether I’ve prayed two or three rak`ahs, then I assume that I’ve only prayed two and then complete my prayer based on that assumption.

If one’s doubt persists until the end of the prayer, then it would be recommended (but not obligatory) to perform two prostrations of forgetfulness at the end of the prayer.

If one remembers the correct number of rak`ahs before the end of the prayer, then in certain cases, it would be recommended to perform the forgetfulness prostration

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