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Brave Woman Punished by Police DSP Watch Clip

Brave Woman Punished by Police DSP Watch Clip

A poor woman in Gujranwala gave some hard time to get a Police DSP. The woman was to be victims of injustice by the police officers. She was asked for a heavy bribe by the police at the police for no reason. Furious about the injustice, the woman had become very angry at all.

Brave Woman Punished by Police DSP Watch Clip

The poor woman of Gujranwala police found DSP in his office and he is a very good example for others. She was not with any kind of power behind her. However, the power of truth helped the lady against the corrupt police officer in the police station. Later, the woman went to complain to her to a higher court.

The case was filed against the police in DSP in Gujranwala. A higher level contract has been established in the police station to investigate the charges against the police officers. The women were given assistance in their case from a local human rights organization of lawyers. The group of lawyers gave free help to the needy at the court.

Almost every police officer in Punjab is involved in corruption since last year. Police DSP and his subordinates have made every police station in Punjab a haven for criminals. On the other hand the person to get to trial it comes to victims of their corruption.

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Today it is very difficult for anyone to get justice in a police station in Punjab. If poor people do not give heavy bribe to a police officer, they are free in any case without giving reasons. Corruption Police DSP has made life very difficult for the people of Punjab.

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