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Brave Indian Muslim Akbar-ud-Din Warned Modi

Brave Indian Muslim Akbar-ud-Din Warned Modi

Brave Indian Muslim Akbar-ud-Din Warned Modi

New Delhi: Akbar-ud-Din is a brave Indian Muslim leader who seems to protect rights of Indian Muslims and showed courage to confront Hindu Zionists morally and legally. He warned current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a huge procession and asked him to avoid harming Muslims of India otherwise the country won’t be peaceful anymore. Many Indian Muslims tend to be forcefully converted to Hindu since Narendra Modi becomes the prime minister was in fact far he has proven himself as the bitter enemy of Islam. Modi not just provoked Hindu Zionists against Muslims; he has also begun direct confrontation with Pakistan along with proxy war using Afghan soil.

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The intentions of present Indian regime headed by Narendra Modi look very clear and now secular India is far more dangerous than ever for minorities especially for Muslim local region. The past record of Modi also proves that none other than him is the bitter enemy of Muslims. So many innocent Muslim women, men and children were executed in Indian Gujrat when he was chief minister of the province. Therefore, everything should be expected from Narendra Modi against Muslims of India and proxy war against Pakistan seems national policy of Modi’s regime.

He is trying hard to end the freedom movement in Kashmir and features planned to suspend the special status of Kashmir from constitution. However, Modi is facing hard times in parliament where other parties alter from his policies. While Indian Pm is trying to remove Muslims from this region on the other Indian Muslims are giving him tough time. A brave Indian Muslim leader bashed the policies of India’s current government and warned Narendra Modi to stop enmity with Muslims of India otherwise India has spend for the price. Akbar-ud-Din was brave enough to challenge Modi and Hindu Zionists and threaten them to overtake New Delhi. In his public speech in front of massive crowd, the brave Indian Muslim leader also said if the government of India doesn’t change its insurance policy for Indian Muslims then all of them will march towards capital of the and they won’t find any place to hide at all the.

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