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Boys Wedding in Peshawar Viral Video

 Boys Wedding in Peshawar Viral Video
استغفراللہ! پاکستان میں یہی ہونا باقی رہ گیا تھا پشاور میں دوستوں کی آپس میں شادی کی ویڈیو لیک ہو گئی ویڈیو دیکھیں
Televisions, Internet and print media all provide special channels for the telecast of the wildlife and animal fight. People are found taking interest in all kinds of animal fight from small to giant animals. The more the advertising is done the more the need is generated among the people.

When people are found involved in watching animal fights, they are usually found watching those fights in which tigers and chimpanzees are involved, the more the attacks of tigers and chimpanzee are there in the telecast of wildlife channels the more the viewership is there and the more the advertisements TV channels get.

Wildlife and animal fights are watched by people of different demographics, different age group people are found watching wildlife, the more the categories of people watch it the more the demand for these TV channels increase and the professionals related to wildlife and animal fight are found happy.

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