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Boys Girls in Swimming Pool Dare In Waqar Zaka Show

Boys Girls in Swimming Pool for Dare In Waqar Zaka Show
لڑکے نے وقار ذکا کے شو میں جیتنے کیلئے پول میں لڑکی کیساتھ کیا کردیا ؟؟ بیچاری شرمندہ ہوگئی ویڈیو دیکھیں

Don’t you feel Allah Ka Azaab every day? Peoples from Ayubabad don;t see because too much security. But how these Dagga security stop Zalzalaa that is coming very soon. Ayaubabd will be wipe out from the face of the earth.

Boys Girls in Swimming Pool Dare In Waqar Zaka Show

There were not many realities displays before Pakistan leisure industry were given VJ cum host Waqar Zaka. Even though he is among the infamous names in Pakistan entertainment trade, but that can’t even faint his efforts for introducing truth presentations in Pakistan.

After bringing excellent fact shows like Living On The Aspect, Exposed, King of Boulevard Magic, at the moment he is once once more back in the industry with his latest fact show named ‘Over The Facet’. This fact show is being accessible on HTV, and to this point with three auditions episodes on air, it may be clearly mentioned that this display will probably be exploring new horizons.

This fact display is being broadcasted on each Monday, although videos also are being uploaded by HTV respectable YouTube Account. The 4th auditions episode has just been released on You Tube, although, this one is a dissimilar episode as in this episode a lady named Dr. Ayesha carried out a dare, which others didn’t even thought about carrying out.The fearless woman carried out this death defying stunt in first try, and the reality display-fans around the globe went gaga over the girl who performed the dare.

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