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Boy Suicide by Train facing Unemployment

Boy Suicide by Train facing Unemployment
انڈیا میں نوجوان نے عشق میں ناکام ہونے کے بعد خودکشی کر لی، کمزور دل ویڈیو نہ دیکھیں

Horrific train hitting incident happens in India when one youngster loses his life in India. According to reports, he was facing problems of unemployment for many days and could not get reasonable job according to ability. He could not face such disrespect and decided to take his life by putting himself before train. Unfortunately, he had been cut into two pieces as his head was detached from his body horribly.

Boy Suicide by Train facing Unemployment

When it was got by railway authorities, they ran towards the incident where one youngster was lying without life. His one part was on the railway track and the head was outside the railway track. It was really painful for everybody who were there and seeing his body. He was very young at the age of about 25 years old.

Talking about employment in India, people are disturbing in this matter to get reasonable in India. Even well educated people are still facing problems due to fewer resources in India. Actually Indian politicians are also as same as country Pakistan. They are also too much corrupt and do not want to create opportunity for educated people.

They only know as how they can fill their stomach with government wealth and how they can have trips of different countries. All politicians have made their turn to get amusement of government. Rightly speaking, in both countries, politicians have same mentality and politicians of both sides have public of same mentality.

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