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Boy does weird practical jokes elevator

Elevator CCTV Clip Funny Joke with Boy

لفٹ میں نازیبا حرکت پر لڑکیوں نے اس لڑکے کو دیکھیں کیسا سبق سکھایا
Boy does weird things in elevator when he got many females with him in the elevator. In English countries, people often make practical jokes which are officially allowed. People also did not mind to whom practical jokes are applied. Very few people get angry on the performer but most of the people do not say anything else to the performer.

Boy does weird practical jokes elevator

Actually same is the case happens in the elevator when boy sees many females in her elevator. He abruptly gets idea of practical joke with all females which he has with him. He becomes partner to one of females from the available females and started to make fool people. When he sees as people have come inside the elevator he starts to do something.

Actually after having elevator full of people inducing females and males, he abruptly turns his face to the walls of the elevator. He starts to behave as he is getting some pain or something else between his legs at upper side. Sometimes, it also feels like he is started to urinate in the elevator. All people start to cry loudly especially females.

Firstly people take it easy especially females who start to mock to him as he starts to behave. Females also get some other thinking as he has started to do something wrong after seeing females in the girl. However, when he starts to jump in the elevator with pain or something else all members of the elevator start to cry loudly.

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