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Boy Attacked by Ghost caught on CCTV camera

Boy Attacked by Ghost caught on CCTV camera
لڑکا نہا کر جب غسل خانے سے باہر آرہا تھا اس کے ساتھ کیا خوفناک حرکت ہوئی ؟؟ آج کے دن میں سب سے زیادہ دیکھے جانے والی فوٹیج

How many times have you went to get out from bathroom, and you check the backseat as a precaution before you get in? Believe it or not, a lot of people do this, because they’re afraid a serial murderer could be hiding in the backseat of their vehicle.

Boy Attacked by Ghost caught on CCTV camera

One thing we don’t think about is the fact that sometimes things can follow you into your vehicle. That’s exactly what we see in this paranormal video of a teenage boy being physically attacked by a ghostly force. This video consists of footage that was captured from a CCTV security camera.

It looks as if this boy was trying to retrieve something he’d left in his car. As he was bent over, reaching for something in the vehicle, a ghostly figure appears to push him from behind, sending him tumbling head first into the driver’s seat.

As you can imagine, the teen is quite shocked, and turns around to confront the person that just shoved him into the vehicle. But when he turns around, there’s no one there. Even though this boy has no clue what just happened to him, thanks to this security camera, we can see exactly what happened.

As he’s bent over, we get a quick shot of what appears to be an opaque apparition form for a split second.

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