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Boy ask Money from his father for religious event

Boy ask Money from his father for religious event
جب بھارت میں اس چھوٹے بچے نے مسلمانوں سے ہندو تہوار کے لئے پیسے مانگے تو کیا ہوا،دیکھ کر مودی کی جل گئی

A religious festival is a time of special importance marked by adherents to that religion. Religious festivals are commonly celebrated on recurring cycles in a calendar year or lunar calendar. Hundreds of very different religious festivals are held around the world each year.


Festivals (feriae) were an important part of Roman religious life during both the Republican and Imperial eras, and were one of the primary features of the Roman calendar. Feriae (“holidays” in the sense of “holy days”) were either public (publicae) or private (privatae). State holidays were celebrated by the Roman people and received public funding. Feriae privatae were holidays celebrated in honor of private individuals or by families.

The 1st-century BC scholar Varro defined feriae as “days instituted for the sake of the gods.”[2] A deity’s festival often marked the anniversary (dies natalis, “birthday”) of the founding of the deity’s temple, or a rededication after a major renovation.[3] Public business was suspended for the performance of religious rites on the feriae. Cicero says that people who were free should not engage in lawsuits and quarrels, and slaves should get a break from their labors.

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