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Bhaag Kar Shadi Karni Ka Anjaam – Meri Kahani Apni Zabani

Bhaag Kar Shadi Karni Ka Anjaam – Meri Kahani Apni Zabani

بھاگ کر شادی کرنے کا انجام مکمل ویڈیو ضرور دیکھیں سبق آمیز

Runaway Love Marriage – Better Avoid it

Bhaag Kar Shadi Karni Ka Anjaam – Meri Kahani Apni Zabani

Two wonderful people blessed with God’s Gift, LOVE. Its one heavenly feeling. But somehow your parents are not ready or you guys scared of telling them. Yes, it’s India, very common here, Lucky those who did not face such issues or managed stayed alive and happy with their loved one. Anyways here is something which you should know if you are in Love and planing to get married against parents wish. Best thing to do is to convince your parents, if you think your parents would respect your decision and they are open for discussion.

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First Get Scared

Both should know following things before get into Love Marriage against parents wish:

There would not be any Honeymoon period. Immediately after Marriage there going to be fights from both sides of families.

All the time you would feel you are not safe, any strong family member or relative might chase you guys and forcefully separate from each other. Boys are most of time the strong to handle and  fight back, but girls are more prone to get scared and might not able fight back physically. My point is FEELING of getting apart from each other. It’s a big painful feeling, although you are together all the time it would be in your head.

If your families are conservative and extremely rigid, you might get  feeling of getting killed.

If one of the family is rich or politically strong they can track you down anywhere and you can guess what else they can do. Law 498a and dowry law would make boy and his families life at big risk and harassment.

May be you  haven’t seen the other side of your family, and only come to know about it after your Love Marriage. I wish this experience come as positive and kind behavior towards marriage. Chances are low. Family ego, Social Respect won’t let them, and where child Love goes no idea.

Both of you would not get family support. Even if one side of family has accepted your marriage but somehow that acceptance would not come in that amount which can help you to feel awesome as all newly weds couple feels and enjoy their Honeymoon. Every other day you might be in some family issues. Smallest mistakes, might become big issues. Family would be in fault finding mode, keep on complaining.

Everyday you might be getting threatening calls, abusive calls, day night and from so many people.

Everyday there would be lots of discussion, emotional argument, crying.

Handling your job going to be big deal,  job  would help you to manage you finances and managing job itself a big thing in this competitive time.

Even if , families doesn’t take extreme steps to break marriage  or all other stuff could not able to break you guys and you guys managed to save your marriage till this time, then families might try emotional manipulation.  This is tricky situation in which families shows their best love and dreamed about you, your childhood memories, giving reference of other family members. I am sure it that thing would shake you up.

Emotional blackmail may  include Your sister’s/brother’s marriage would not take place because of your Love marriage. It”s a big shame for family and we are not able to come out of house. You would feel guilty.

If you survived till this time, families might do something which developed doubts between Love bird, you would not able to see how this manipulation would take place.

Anyways above stuff was external, means  families, relative, some influential people, or police would do to you,
do you think you are perfect couple and capable to handle such situation pretty well.  When you get scared you would make mistakes. There is no crash course or subject in college for how to get successful in love marriage or marriage.
This is something you are trying, going against the flow, There going to be anger, there going to be emotional situations, there going to be fight, doubts, legal issues, social respect & your career at risk.

There are chances during all this phase, your partner might get manipulated or mind washed up or was weak in handling all such situation  or not able to support in a way you thought he or would,  you might be fighting alone for her/him. How you would you  handle it. This is emotional death of one person.

Boy is at risk for showing his commitment for love, if girl at later point of time get emotionally changed & back to her parents or start listening to their parents who just wanted to break this marriage. Not only Boy alone, but his boys family is at risk because of law and social system exists in India.

I am sure no one would ask Boy what he wants or if he is in pressure but everyone would ask Girl about her desire and if she is in under pressure. No one verify if boy is tricked into marriage by a girl or it was a love.

So are you still want to go for love marriage, there  are more points which I am going to update later.

REQUEST TO PARENTS  : Please listen to your boy/girl, make them feel OK to discuss about their love and choices. Everyone loves their parents, surely its no one’s first choice to marry against parents wishes and end up in troubled situation.  It’s your child might get killed or in depression commit suicide.
– Help For Love Marriage
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Disclaimer : This is my personal opinion and experience. I  have no intention to hurt anyone or encourage runaway marriages or Marrying  against parents wishes but this is an effort to make our Society safe for Love Marriages. These lovebirds  being killed and stuck in fake cases,  These Love Couples are in Love not In Terrorism.

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