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Best Real way of istakhara, how to do istakhara

استخارہ کیا ہوتا ہے، کیسے اور کب کرنا چاہئیے، موکلات کیا ہوتے ہیں ان سے کیسے کام لیا جاتا ہے، تیز ترین اور فوری استخارہ کونسا ہے اور بہت کُچھ جو آپ اس سے پہلے نہیں جانتے۔

Best Real way of istakhara, how to do istakhara ba moakal, istakhara kese krte hai

Salam! what a beautiful and easy nice Istikhara which i am going to tell you i hope you will be happy.This Istikhara is told by Alahazrat Mujaddid-e-Din-o-Millat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Fazil-e-Barelvi Radi Allah Anho in his book named “Alwazifat-ul-Kareemah”. Also he has given the Ijazat of this to all Sunni Muslims.

Best Real way of istakhara, how to do istakhara, Istakhara in Urdu, Urdu mai istakhara tips guide

English:- There are two methods of this Istikhara according to your needs:-

  1. If you want to know about specific thing or work or need in Istikhara then you will have to read following Arabic Dua for 1021 times when you are going to sleep at night, with the intention in mind that may ALLAH AZZA WA JAL tell/ inform you about the specif thing in dream. Do not talk to anyone after reading and just sleep. Which day you want to do this Istikhara try to not eat anything 1 hours before going to sleep. IN SHA ALLAH AZZA WA JAL you will get answer in dream at first night otherwise continue it for three nights.
  2. Second method is very simple and is used for KASHF means that you will be informed in dream about day to day upcoming important events of your life daily. But for this purpose you must try best to keep away from sins. In starting you will see the people in dream to whom you will meet next day then gradually you will see important things if you are punctual with this Istikhara. The method is very simple you just have to read following dua 7 times daily after Fajr prayer and after Asar prayer.

Urdu:- Is Istikhara k do tariqe hen ap ki zarurat k mutabiq:-

  1. Agar ap Istikhara kisi khas maqsad k lye kar rahe hen jis k bare men malum karna chahte hen to ap rat ko sote waqt 1021 Bar upoer di gai Dua ko parh kr is nyat se keh ALLAH PAK mujhe Us cheez k bare men Khwab men rehnumai farma de or Agahi ata farma de. Parh kar so jayen. Parhne k bad kisi se Baat cheet nai karni. or jis din ap ne ye Istikhara karna ho to us din rat ko sone se 1 ghanta pehle kuch khana nai. IN SHA ALLAH AZZA WA JAL pehli rat men ap ko jawab mil jaye ga warna 3 din tak karen.
  2. Dusra tariqa nihayat asan ha or wo kashf k lye istamal hota ha yani ap ko rozana agle din ane wale aham waqiat k bare men khwab men dikha dia jaye ga. Shuru shuru men wo bande nazar ayen gai jin se kal apki mulaqat honi hogi phir jab ap paband rahen gai to or bhi ziada nazar aye ga. Maga sahi asrat k lye gunahon se bachne ki puri koshish karen. Tariqa Bara asan ha rozana uper di gai dua ko Fajr ki Namaz or Asar ki namaz k baad sirf 7 martaba parh lya karen. Or phir dekhen ALLAH PAK ki rehmaten.

—————————ANOTHER WAY ——————–

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