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Best eradicate crime law in Islam Must Watch

Best eradicate crime law in Islam Must Watch

پاکستان میں ایسا ہوجائے تو پوری پارلیمنٹ ہی ٹنڈی ہوجائیگی…دیکھیں سعودیہ میں چوری کرپشن پر ہاتھ کاٹ ڈالا گیا….کمزور دل نہ دیکھیں پاکستان میں ایک بار کردو ایسا سب ٹھیک ہوجائیگا

Recently a mosque was discovered near Taif who was built personally by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). It’s a great news for the Islam lovers who want to visit all the Holly places of Islam.

Best eradicate crime law in Islam Must Watch

According to the reports the mosque is present in the Taif where Muhammad (S.A.W) spent his many days to preach the teachings of Islam to the people of Taif however the fools of Taif totally denied with his Islamic teachings. The little mosque is very valuable for the Muslims as it is made by the hands of the Holly Prophet. It is still present in the right position as it was present in the old times.

According to the reports, Kufar tried to martyr the Holly Prophet when he was in Taif. He was in the mosque when they tried to demolish it however Allah almighty stopped their attack to safe his most beloved man. For those who could not go to visit this mosque, this video will give you the complete visuals of the mosque. Most of the part of the mosque is damaged as a result of the attack while the rest is present in its actual position.

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