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BBC report Human Meat Sale cannibalism in China

BBC report Human Meat Sale cannibalism in China

چین کا سٹور جہاں سرعام انسانی گوشت بکتا ہے… کیا یہ یاجوج ماجوج ہیں زمانہ آخر کی ایک نشانی یہ بھی تھی کہ وہ روئے زمین پر سب کچھ چٹ کرجائیں گے

From recent past, we can’t forget the images of a Chinese man consuming the body of a child. The images went viral on social media and there was a rage of people on this act. Most of the people protested against the images and the man.

BBC report Human Meat Sale cannibalism in China

Later it was revealed that man in the visuals was an artist Zhu Yu who then gave a statement which shocked the whole world. According to his statement eating the fetus of human beings is an art in China which is known as ‘Eating People’. And all the images on social media is his performance on the art of eating people. He further revealed that this act of child cannibalism is extremely done in China where human fetus are supplied by hospitals to different restaurants and industries where they are used in special dishes and also in some medicines.

Here in this video Zhu Yu is explaining how he consumes the human fetus. The reporter asked him that which religion allows him to eat human beings as he was a Christian. Zhu yu explained that once he read a statement no religion prohibit cannibalism.  Religions have mentioned other crimes like stealing, murder or other things however it haven’t mentioned in any religion to prohibit eating human beings.

So Chinese people took this advantage between the space of morality and laws. This act is performed as an art in China and even in Japan where people have forgotten all the morals of which things should be prohibited.

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