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Ban on Kapil Sharma Show, Kapil Sharma Arrested

Ban on Kapil Sharma Show, Kapil Sharma Arrested
کپل شرما کا شو بند ہونے جا رہا اور وہ جیل میں اب اپنا وقت گزاریں گے۔۔۔

Kapil Sharma, the much-touted comedy king of the our entertainment industry, should have seen it coming his way. The nurses and nursing students recently held a demonstration in Amritsar. They denounced the show as indeed host for objectifying women and demeaning their profession. Opinions on the subject could be divided as humor is a subjective matter. What is termed as joke for one could be the content of utter disgust and objection for the other.


But our pet peeve is completely different. Going by the recent rating card, The Kapil Sharma Show is lying in the bottoms, substantially lower than arch rival Krishna’s show Comedy Night Bachao. Alarm bells for The Kapil Sharma show should have gone off when  he switched from Colors to Sony. Popularity for Comedy Nights was already waning so producing the same show on different channel didn’t make sense.

Crap when taken to a newly-furnished washroom qualifies for the same subject matter! It is crap at the end of the day, and it stinks no matter what! (And stinking it was of crashing boredom, Kapil should have dare we say smelled it much before). Here are our reasons why the show should be taken off air before Kapil is asked to stop what it could possibly be called something that revolutionized the game of comedy on the small screen!

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