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Ballistic Shaheen-III missile capable carrying nuclear warhead

آخ تھو پاک وطن کے دشمنوں پر ….. سنیں آئی ایس آ ئی آفیسر سے کہ پاکستان کیا ہے اور کیوں بچا ہوا ہے اب تک

Pakistan Test fires shaheen-III Missile

Pakistan has test-fired a ballistic missile that it claims can carry a nuclear warhead up to 1700 miles, which would enable it to strike all corners of india and reach deep into the middle east, including israel and iran.


List of missiles of Pakistan

Surface-to-surface missiles:

Battlefield range ballistic missiles (BRBM)


Short range ballistic missiles (SRBM)


Medium range ballistic missiles (MRBM)

Shaheen II
Shaheen-III (Successfully test launched on 9 march 2015 with range of 2750KM[1])

Cruise missiles

Babur (Hatf VII) – ground-launched cruise missile (submarine-launched version under development)
Hatf-VIII (Ra’ad) – Air-launched Cruise Missile developed exclusively for launch from Aerial Platforms.

Anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM)

Baktar Shikan

Air-to-surface missiles

H-4 SOW – rocket-boosted, precision-guided glide bomb
Ra’ad (Hatf VIII) – air-launched cruise missile

Surface-to-air missiles
Anza MK-II displayed at an exhibition

Anza Mk.1, Mk.2, Mk.3

Watch Video:


­Pakistan on Monday test-fired a ballistic missile that appears capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to ­every part of India, another escalation in Islamabad’s effort to keep pace with its neighboring rival’s formidable military advancements.

Pakistani military leaders said the Shaheen-III missile has a range of up to 1,700 miles, which could enable it to reach deep into the Middle East, including Israel.

After the missile was fired into the Arabian Sea on Monday, the head of the military unit that oversees Pakistan’s nuclear program congratulated scientists and engineers for “achieving yet another milestone of historic significance.”


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