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Bajrangi Bhaijaan Stupid Mistakes in Movie Watch Clip

Bajrangi Bhaijaan Stupid Mistakes in Movie Watch Clip

The most popular film of recent times is Bajrangi Bhaijaan that well over 151 crores has accumulated over the past week. Finally Bhai earned a good Eid gift with a big box collection. But even if the film had a lot of expectations and managed to get a few good reviews from critics, it still has some shortcomings. Here are some of the silly mistakes from the movie that could have been avoided:

Bajrangi Bhaijaan Stupid Mistakes in Movie Watch Clip

1. Loss Narowal

The mention in the film location was moved from Punjab in Pakistan over Kashmir and also made into a hill station. This is a difficult task, is not it? creating a completely new site just for film.

2. Invisible Forex

Even if the use of the Indian Rupee in Pakistan should no task is, it was found that Salman suddenly it creates local currency to obtain without problem. Located Invisible Forex, or he got it from Diagon Alley?

3. YouTube made available in Pakistan

As YouTube is banned in Pakistan, we wonder if it make sense unbanned for this movie. Well, for those who did not notice, it was used the site to make the reporter’s role, played the Nawazuddin, appeal to the general public of Pakistan.

Watch Clip:

However 4. Re-run live broadcast

Apparently there is only one cricket match worth seeing live over and over again. The game will be shown as a live broadcast when Munni is with her family in Pakistan and is again shown as a live game, if the child is with Salman in India.

5. Coincidence Much

Well, most impossible coincidence concept that never ran out of fashion in Bollywood, was used in this film as well. Although it showed other ways to find out the whereabouts of Munni’s family, the hero is waiting for accident, when it comes to the child’s mother fulfillment.

6. Not more flow

Add just a little tiny detail, the cloth that covers Salman Munni with stops in the film change direction regardless of external factors. This belongs to the category of misplaced items while resumption of the same scene and is quite often in many films. So regardless of this small error, succeeded the film to make a better place and was also received by the non Salman fans.

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