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Badly Behave with Women in Lahore

Badly Behave with Women in Lahore
اف توبہ الله معاف کرے کیا بنے گا اس ملک کا ؟؟ ایک شریف خوبصورت خاتون کیساتھ کیا زیادتی ہوئی ؟؟ دیکھئے موبائل سے بنی ویڈیو

Does dancing on the streets empower women? In Pakistan, some say yes, many beg to differ. Of late, fashion brands have been trying to stand out amongst the herd by coming up with creative ideas to market their companies, and one such brand is Do Your Own Thing. For an out-of-the-box idea, DYOT hired two NCA students to choreograph a flashmob of five girls dancing to Beyoncé’s Run The World (Girls) on the streets of Lahore.

The two-minute clip starts with a woman throwing her chaddar to the ground and breaking into a dance after being teased by a male passerby. Seconds later she is followed by four other girls who copy her dance routine.

Hours after being posted on Facebook, the video caught the attention of many on social media and instantly received flak for portraying #feminism and #empowerment in the wrong light.

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